Products & Solutions

Field Solutions
  • Group Financial Management System Solution

    It is suitable for group companies to carry out centralized financial control. The system includes the main functions of centralized accounting, real-time offsetting of internal transactions, automatic formation of consolidated statements of different calibers and levels, etc.
  • Group Funds Management System Solution

    The centralized management of funds plays a pivotal role in the operation of group companies. Through capital ties, it can enhance the financial control of group companies over subordinate companies and regulate the use of funds; strengthen the high degree of capital integration of enterprise groups and bring into play the group's resource allocation advantages.
  • Financial Shared Services Solutions

    The shared service information system is divided into three core systems: shared accounting system, shared operation system and shared imaging system. Each of the above systems can be integrated with each other through Pansoft Business Integration Platform.
  • XBRL Series Product

    With a full range of XBRL software products including XBRL reporting, XBRL report statistics, XBRL data analysis and other independent intellectual property rights, and rich experience in XBRL regulatory reporting and data application, Pansoft has successively built the "Solvency II Regulatory Information System" of CIRC, and the XBRL data reporting and data application platform of Ministry of Finance, Banking Regulatory Commission and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.
  • Group Enterprise Tax Management Solution

    It is a full process VAT management system applicable to large enterprises and provides strong support for customers to cope with VAT reform. The system module consists of three sections: enterprise tax data mart, VAT business management, and tax declaration and statistics.
  • Human Resource Management Solutions for General Industry

    Build an enterprise human resource management system, realize a full range of human resource management strategies, provide an information-based support platform for standardized human resource management, help employees improve their personal capabilities, realize management standardization and specialization.
  • Group Asset Management System Solution

    It is an information system developed to meet the requirements of large and medium-sized enterprises for fine asset management in response to the problems in the physical management of assets. It mainly solves the drawbacks of asset accounting and light physical management, realizes the management of the whole process of assets from transfer, inventory, transfer, lease, insurance, maintenance and disposal.
  • Solution of Efficiency Production Allocation Decision System

    It integrates and cleans historical development and production data and uses big data machine learning methods to find out the trend of development rules and regulations, and builds an information platform for efficient production allocation decision that integrates multiple departments such as reservoir, operation, ground and finance, etc.
Industry Solutions
  • CIRC's Solvency II Regulatory Information System and Insurance Company Solvency II Reporting System

    The main objectives of Solvency II include forming a unified regulatory framework and forming regulatory synergy; measuring risks scientifically and accurately and improving sensitivity to risks, and promoting the industry to continuously improve its risk management capabilities. Therefore, the main construction objectives of the Solvency II system are to realize the informatization of the regulatory framework, scientifically and accurately measure risks through information technology, monitor risks in real time, warn risks in a timely manner, and improve risk sensitivity, thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of Solvency II and improving solvency supervision.
  • Financial Sharing Service System for Real Estate Industry

    The system was developed to solve the problems of poor quality of accounting information, irregular bookkeeping of each company, low efficiency of capital pooling and use, weak execution of accounting system and low work efficiency of cross-regional real estate group enterprises due to geographical dispersion, complex shareholding structure and shortage of financial personnel.
  • Human Resource Management System for Education Industry

    Build a human resource information management system for universities, which generally contains functions such as organization management, position management, staff information management, contract management, salary management, social security management, recruitment management, appointment management, annual assessment management, training management, evaluation and merit management, postdoctoral management, report analysis, and staff self-help platform.
  • Sinopec Consolidated Reporting System

    With the application of centralized accounting system, relying on transaction settlement platform and centralized fund management platform, it realizes automatic offsetting of statements of each consolidated structure of group companies and automatic issuance of statements of all levels of group companies, ensuring timely, efficient, accurate and complete preparation of statements; complete statement issuance process, with statements confirmed at each level, hierarchical responsibility, layers of gatekeepers, and common assurance of statement quality; flexible and convenient report data analysis function, facilitating flexible and convenient report data analysis function to facilitate the free display of report data as required.
  • PetroChina ERP and FMIS Integration System

    Inherits FMIS, integrates with SAP ERP system, realizes bi-directional data integration between FMIS and ERP, brings into play their respective advantages, accelerates ERP implementation progress, reduces ERP implementation costs, and promotes the extension and refinement of financial management to the production field.
  • Sinopec Centralized Accounting System

    Sinopec centralized accounting system is based on SAP as the core, through a more concise and easy-to-use information collection interface, more in line with Sinopec's business characteristics of the processing process to achieve a set of system management and accounting of accounting information of the group companies, all the enterprises belonging to the group companies into the centralized accounting system.
  • Sinopec Centralized Fund Management System

    By applying the general and sub-account system, relying on the settlement network of domestic and foreign commercial banks, and using Finance Company and Shengjun Company as the platform for domestic and foreign financial services, it realizes centralized management and real-time monitoring of accounts, plans, settlements, financing and bills within the group company, which reduces financial costs, improves the efficiency of fund operation and reduces the risk of fund management through the integrated operation of funds.
  • Sinopec Centralized Asset Management System

    The centralized asset management system relies on the centralized accounting system and extends its functions and application scope to achieve integrated application with the centralized accounting, trading platform and reporting system, realizing information sharing, data linkage and seamless connection between the daily business processing of assets and accounting; the system is designed according to the concept of asset life cycle management, covering the daily asset management business and building a platform for the whole process and all-round management of assets.
Software Products
  • Solvency II Compilation and Reporting System
  • Human Capital Management
  • Commercial Bank Direct Link System
  • Asset Management System
Typical Cases
  • Oil and Petrochemical
  • Financial Insurance
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Coal Power Energy
  • Government Business
  • Real Estate Construction
  • Culture and Education Media
  • Daqing Oilfield Accounting Foundation Platform System
  • Hubei Sales Financial Sharing and Big Data Analysis Platform
  • Zhongyuan Oilfield ERP Operation and Maintenance Support System
  • Northwest Oilfield Management Accounting System
  • Qilu Petrochemical Tax Management System
  • Oil & Gas Retail Management System